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This is Porsche’s first ever ‘car’.
Porsche famously put their powerful engines in the back of their race and fast road cars – well, it seems they always did it that way.
The first true Porsche sports car was the 1948 Type 356.
But way before that when they were making cars with electric motors, Ferdinand already established the rear end motor.
And incredibly, the company has just unearthed an astonishing example.
The Stuttgart-based automaker just uncovered Ferdinand Porsche’s first car, the 1898 Porsche Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C.2 Phaeton model.
It was better known for the slightly more snappy title the Porsche P1. Naturally enough, short for Porsche, number 1.
All the vehicle’s key parts were found – the P1 was powered by a rear-mounted electric motor making a whopping three horsepower. Shift into overdrive mode though, and the P1’s motor was upped from 40 to 80 volts, giving it five horsepower. This allowed the wood-framed 2977-pound car to hit what we’re sure was a truly terrifying 21 mph. Power went to the rear-wheels via a 12-speed “control unit.”
First Porsche Designed Vehicle Museum 03 First Porsche Designed Vehicle Museum 02 Ferdinand Porsche claimed his P1 had a range of up to 49 miles, and proved, in an all-electric car race in 1899, that his car could go at least 24 miles on a charge when it finished the race in first, reports Motor Trend magazine.
Porsche’s latest plug-in vehicle, the 918 Spyder, can only 18 miles on a charge – though to be fair it’s got a V-8 backing it up too. The Porsche P1 had been lost to history since 1902. It was found in a warehouse recently, where it’d been un-touched for 115 years. The P1 will be put on permanent display in its current state at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

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