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    Can I trust my Russian friend

    ?My problem is that she refuses to take into consideration my existence on social networking sites, placing photos of us two etc (She uses these sites all day everyday, Doing what i are not aware of?). I have asked her why and she defined with 2 reasons, Firstly she doesnt like advertising her relationships on social network sites and secondly her ex BF has been harassing her threatening to send some dodgy pics of her to her friends and she doesnt want to antagonise him.

    She has said already that she wants to come and live with me in the UK, Altho she knows as well as I do that would need us to get married for Visa purposes

    I realise I am not very trusting, But I just find her response strange and the stereotypes about Russian women are not helping. Apart [url=]gorgeous russian woman[/url] from all this I am in love with her, i enjoy her, She is the foremost woman I have ever met.

    up-date:Addition I have met her twice in spain where we met and in Crete, Which she paid out herself

    Well basing stereotypes as facts is not good whatever. get real, Every girl is exclusive, So how can unfair classification prove that she like every other Russian girl? anyhow, I agree although it seems dodgy, But maybe she doesn like to show off that she has a boyfriend via internet. you know the internet never gives anyone privacy, So maybe marriages are personal matters for her. If her ex IS harassing her, Someone should really find a solution. Contact the police if he goes too far in the frightening. Always know that you simply get to know your partner well, Like finding out whether she is trusty or not. Try experiencing how she treats you at times.

    well, As a veteran of three Russian ex girlfriends and a marriage, I will inform you some issues approx,roughly speaking Russian women. begin with, They great stored secret of the chilly conflict. They usually tend to be eye catching, Appropriate and extremely dazzling upstairs. No longer a product like the photos in US propaganda we observed in the 50 and 60 hefty farm women with thick legs and moustaches) Now in the down factor; VERY timeless. I found this to be a difficulty using the years. As an American guy in the twenty first century I envisioned so lots greater equality economically. You could stand plausible with the greater youthful ones (while under 30), Yet those concepts are especially lots ingrained interior something of them. Besides types of internet scammers available who will “groom” A mark and attempt reel him in for advances of airfare and residing /return and forth costs. have on”T decide upon IT, Any good employer won ask for exorbitant up front expenses. If seems to stable to be real. Properly you distinguish something.

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