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    Counsellors visit kovcos family as they take photos of a baby boy, 15 months, after the family found him in the rubble in the village of Vodaivka near Gobi in northern Mongolia.

    The child’s family say that the boy was brought to the city of Kardali after a stray bullet struck his mother during an argument.

    Gobi’s deputy chief of police, Koshyin Tsavkadze, said the boy was in critical condition and was being treated for injuries he received from the bullets fired by armed gangs.

    “He went to a doctor, and we sent him to a hospital,” he said.

    The man, who has not been named, who died on Friday in the hospital, had been staying with his father and stepmother, according to Tsavkadze.

    “There was a quarrel that broke out at around 3:00 pm on Thursday, and two men with automatic weapons approached,” he said.

    According to police, the men began shooting at the child, who was taken to Kardali in the centre of the village, with an assault rifle. The gun accidentally fired, apparently killing the boy.

    At the hospital, his family says he appeared calm and stable, as well as having good behaviour.

    The boy’s mother, Dovisa Karimova, told local media: “This is my child’s last wish. I have not told him that he has passed away – it is not my word,” she said, adding that she had told her husband the family had left him.

    The boy’s father told the media that he had been planning the wedding of one of their daughters. Karimova said she had spoken with them via phone a day earlier and confirmed that they were married, but could not reveal the couple’s names because her husband had died of his injuries.

    The father and three other relatives had all fled in the aftermath of the attack, according to Karimova. The three men, who all live in the village of Khumbar, remained in custody on Saturday, according to her husband.

    The attack came just days after a 19-year-old man died in a similar manner following a dispute in the village of Haryen.

    In another attack in Gobi, two teenage boys, two ages 10 and 11, were gunned down by gangs in front of their village, with their bodies found by local residents.

    The incident caused outrage in Gobi, with many people blaming both the Gobi government and the government in nearby Kunming for failing to address the problems of the elderly as well as the impoverished communities.

    Dovisa Karimova said her family had been planning the wedding of one of their daughters but wa

    Storm damage still being assessed. — Alberta Environment (@AlbertaEnvironment) November 11, 2013

    In Alberta, residents have until Thursday at 10am to provide any and all information needed to help researchers determine the scope of the situation or to report suspected contamination.

    With files from the Canadian Press

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    Brumby apologises to asbestos exposed workers for’shameful’ handling of asbestos

    Greens Senate candidate Andrew Wilkie today slammed Pauline Hanson for her remarks about asbestos, saying those comments were “shameful”.

    Speaking to the Guardian after an announcement that he is to be elected as Green Senator, Pauline Hanson said the Australian Health Forum – which has backed former Federal Commissioner for Occupational Health Peter Rietze for Labor – had been pushing Labor to back a bill to force asbestos companies to disclose the use of asbestos fibers in buildings.

    She said: “The Australian Health Forum would like to see the Government implement the Australian Safety Authority’s recommendations of what the Government should do in relation to asbestos. This is shamefully out of step with the best interests of the asbestos worker at heart.”

    The senator told The Guardian that “the Australian Health Forum supports Professor Rietze’s recommendation in an effort to protect workers and their families from asbestos injury,” and referred to a recent study by the Australian Institute of Occupational Health and Safety that supported Professor Rietze’s recommendation.

    “For the most part that’s the best advice they could offer on asbestos exposure,” Mr Wilkie said.

    “What they’ve also said is: ‘If you’re not working as hard as you should, you should be protected from exposure to asbestos so you can develop an immunity.'”

    However, after Senator Hanson was challenged on her words by Greens Senator Adam Bandt, he responded by describing the use of the word “wasteland” by Senator Hanson and describing those statements as a “terrible blunder”.

    “When you use the word wastelands, then that’s what you’re actually referring to,” Mr Bandt told ABC radio.

    “That’s the worst statement that Pauline Hanson has made by a Labor Senator. And I think it really should have been, ‘Don’t use words that make people in the mining business ashamed’. That’s not what I’ve heard.”

    “What we’ve heard from the rest of you [at the AFLW] is that this is a workplace issue for the workers of the mines…and that this is about public health, public safety, public health and the public’s wellbeing.”

    The Victorian Greens candidate also defended his colleague Senator Bandt’s comments during the announcement that Labor’s decision to back a bill to require companies to disclose their asbestos use was “a really difficult choice because I don’t think the Senate can be run in the same way that it is for the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister should be run”.

    “I don’t feel that that’s a really strong statement,” Mr Wilkie said.

    “At the moment it’s not in the job description for the Senate to run i

    Rescued climber recounts horror mt cook ordeal

    Cape Town – A climber is in critical condition after being saved by a member of the rescue operation who was helping a cook who had been locked out of her tent for 10 days by the Cape Town Zoo.

    A report was released on Tuesday that the cook, 30-year-old Zara Kjollund, had attempted to break free of her tent by climbing up several flights of rocks, but found that she could not move the pole above the ground.

    The panicking chef, from the city of Drepung, had been locked in by two male climbers to make her wait for 12 hours at the zoo before her meals.

    The male climber had been keeping a close watch on her every move and was holding a piece of rope as she lay bleeding on the rocky road to her tent.

    He and a team of volunteers were attempting to free her.

    “He said, ‘Get out, girl!’ I started crying,” says Kjollund. “I was a bit scared, and I saw I was bleeding. I had to get away, and I saw some rocks around me that were moving. I looked back and said, ‘I’m moving’. He saw me and asked me to hold on.”

    The male climber was able to unlock the rope holding Kjollund, but when she heard she was bleeding, she fell out of the tent.

    “I was going through my rain gear and I got my head stuck to the pole. I was bleeding,” says Kjollund. “That’s when we started asking questions.”

    When asked about the rope, Kjollund said it was “not long, it doesn’t hurt anything. We put it back in.”

    She continued to speak in broken English to a local radio station reporter, who asked Kjollund’s age. “That’s just her age. She just said ’25’. I tried to reach her, but I didn’t get through because I don’t speak English very well.”

    Kjollund said one of the climbers took her to a waiting ambulance, and that he eventually brought the cook to the nearest hospital.

    Kjollund was put on an antiseptic drip on the ground after a week of being locked inside her tent. She was said to have suffered more bruises and swelling after she was freed.

    Zoo spokesman John Coetzee said: “Zara Kjollund had tried to escape and was trapped inside her tent. She was not helped by one of the two male climbers.”

    Coetzee said there had been no problems with animal control or Zara’s landlord.

    “The zookeepers wer

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    Знаете ли вы?
    Возможно, что американцы уже в 1872 году вмешались в канадские выборы.
    100-летний ветеран внёс уникальный вклад в борьбу со смертельной угрозой.
    Художник-карикатурист известен пародией на мунковский «Крик».
    Свадьба английского рыцаря стала причиной войны между двумя могущественными родами.
    Двое капитанов первого кругосветного плавания были казнены, следующего высадили на необитаемый остров.


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    Vanished without a trace a south west family from a small town in New South Wales, a small town in Victoria. They were an almost perfect perfect match. For years, he loved them, but knew his life would never be the same after that night.

    The first time that night, a terrible accident happened to him and he did not know what to do or how to react. In his mind, he did not know what he should do or how to react, it was a traumatic time in his life.

    His parents were there in the car and both of them had been looking for him since. They knew that they could not see his face. They did not understand and he did not want to accept it, it hit him with such an unimaginable level that he tried and failed to make some sense of it. But that night, he still could not find a place in his world that was a safe place for his two families who had been such a wonderful and loving source of stability to his whole life.

    My father died in April, 2014, and left with almost no funeral expenses, he was the richest man in the world. My mother’s body was placed in a small collection box, which we would have to move to later in the year, but it would be a long time before anyone would come see her. I always wanted my family to see her and I would not have it any other way. I think they had always wanted to see her and I had lost contact with them and there was nothing to offer them. I was lucky enough to have the money to travel to New South Wales where they would come to visit.

    When I was 10 years old my aunt went to visit my family and my father went to visit my mother. He felt as if he should be there to support them as they had the money but he was not able to because they were in a position where he could not meet or pay for their travel, he wanted them in their own state so they could find solace. He did not want to stay in Australia and that is what happened. He wanted to visit as he was very close to my father and his family but he was not able to. He was almost gone when I was 10, which is a tragedy, but the reality is that they did not know that their son, their son’s son, lived a life that they could not understand and had no place in it. His family made it clear to him that he was going to leave his side and their family. There had been a lot of pressure, the family that they came from had not forgotten him.

    My first memory of my father was of him giving me a gift bag, which was a wonderful gift. It was not something that my mother had given and it was a small on

    Opinion split over benefits of proposed gas pipeline route from Quebec:

    [30] The article explains why it is important for the government to address the needs of the affected communities, and the need for the Quebec government to provide appropriate funding to communities that have been impacted by the pipeline and its effects.

    [31] On September 24, 2013, in response to a question from a constituent, Premier Notley made this statement, in response to the constituent’s question, which states:

    I am looking forward to working with Quebec to reach an agreement that best protects their interests and their families. I know there is some debate and there are people in Canada who are wondering why the government is not investing in infrastructure that will deliver on its commitment. In this case, it isn’t about getting a deal done in one sitting, it’s about ensuring people are able to get on with their lives.

    The Quebec government, with its resources is able to provide a level playing field for every individual in our province. We are going to provide the means to meet the needs of those that are affected and the families that are hurt, as Quebec is an environmental leader. It is also an economy leader. One of the things that we have been able to do in recent years with infrastructure, with renewable, with green energy infrastructure, is to ensure it is environmentally sustainable. The hydro lines have a net emissions reduction for energy from transportation. We already have a net emissions reduction for energy from transportation. We are looking forward to having that deal done with Quebec on their part.



    [33] Ibid

    [34] See for example,

    [35] See for example,

    [36] See for example,

    [37] See for example,

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