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    Thailand is top target typically

    THAILAND topped their email list for Irish globetrotters in the niche exotic market in 2010. India and Vietnam adopted closely behind, Making east Asia and India firm favourites for the “walking around Irish” last year, tropical Medical Bureau said.

    Brazil came fourth on its list of top selling destinations for Irish [url=]Thai dating[/url] people seeking inoculations, and Cambodia, Argentina, Laos, modern australia, Peru and as well Malaysia, The TMB said in its Top 10 rating.

    “yr after over 20,000 people visited us at began in the Medical Bureau, Pre and post their journeys, Medical overseer Dr Graham Fry said. “We’re seeing an increasing number of people travelling through South America, With long trips of three to six months recurrent.

    “south east Asia is, obviously, Popular as it’s on tips to Australia,

    dissimilar to 2009, The top four places remain unchanged, But there have been some surprises, The TMB claims.

    Australia dropped from fifth most desirable in 2009, To eighth stage, Argentina jumped into sixth spot for 2010, Having inserted eight in 2009. Malaysia entered the Top 10 responsible for and Cambodia joined the Top Five, After highlighting at sixth place in 2008/2009.

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