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    It was the toughest example of my life. But while it was over, I realized it wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought this.

    2United States political Social Issues

    Universal Basic Income a Possible Solution to Extreme jobless Due to Robots and Artificial Intelligenceby JC Scull 12 hours ago

    It is widely agreed that automation in the form of artificial intelligence and robots will eventually displace most workers throughout all industries. To what degree this may happen, It is not known. We will explore this as well as the technique of universal basic income as a solution.

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    facts Women in the Militaryby radicalravenclaw 4 days ago

    I wrote this to inform people about an issue that is not pointed out enough. Feel free to share this particular article to help spread awareness.

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    3 Romances To Get you through Summer’s Homestretch

    These three romance novels are fantastic for the homestretch of summer, When it’s too hot to go outside and all you want to do is lie under the air conditioner with a book. Whether in the Wild West or big city, online or IRL, These three stories show that romance and happy ever afters abound if you dare to reach for them.

    In golfing House, Ruby Lang combines two of definitely the things: Romance and industry. Fay Liu and Oliver Huang [url=]What to Expect When Marrying a Filipina[/url] are both urban and even cruise directors who share a circle of friends; They bond over attending open houses for apartments they have no goal of buying. They go together as friends but are often mistaken for a couple especially once sparks start flying and they start exploring methods for hookups in each empty apartment.

    there is however a catch of course. Fay is seeking something real after her divorce, And Oliver isn’t feeling confident about himself or his future while he’s article writing and, wow, Up to get job at her firm. It’s a secret that you understand will come out, to know will complicate their relationship and maybe derail their happy ever after. Spoiler alarm: They make money!

    Maisey Yates’ Lone Wolf Cowboy is a west romance full of angst, Hot sex and real love. Vanessa Logan returns home to Gold Valley after decades gone. She has been hard pressed with drug addiction; but, Five life sober, She’s ready to move back home and work on her frayed spousal relationship with her family. But first she runs into Jacob Dalton, The EMT who came to her rescue one tragic night years beforehand.

    Jacob looks similar to a hero, Acts maybe a hero, But based on him, is not really a hero, Because he is always fixated on the people he couldn’t save mainly his best friend, Who died in an accident that Jacob feels with regard to. He’s content to endure the guilt. But his romantic relationship with Vanessa forces him to reckon with those feelings especially Vanessa herself, with your ex wife passion for him and her “massage therapist talk, This is a story about really feeling all your other concerns even when they cause pain so you can move toward the love and the happy ever after.

    online dating can be so dispiriting, Yet it makes for a very good romance in How to Hack a Heartbreak, in Kristin Rockaway. Melanie Strickland has a thankless job working as a tech support person for a startup incubator called Hatch. one of the initial guys she lists is Alex Hernandez: Hot medical guy from her office who seems into her. despite the fact that is he?

    Soon Melanie is directing an interoffice romance with Alex and balancing her day job with her anonymous role in a viral website. thank heavens for her swoon worthy cast of best friends who are always there with tequila, Cookie dough and the connections she needs to make her startup dreams come true whenever disaster strikes. Set in the new york tech scene, it is a funny, Fast paced romance that shows that romance and real love can happen if you’re for you to take it offline.

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